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Location: Huntersville, NC
Developer: Rhein Inc.
Builders: St. Lawrence, DR Horton, Kati(KT) Homes
Established 1996. Comprised of twelve streets with 242 lots. 237 of these lots are intended for single-family homes with the remaining five being "common" areas (pool, 2 trails, 2 front entrance buffer zones). Other amenities include a pool and 2 walking trails (one starts at the pool parking lot and the other at the intersection of Willingham & Laureate)
Streets (Click a street below for more info!):
Hampton Crossing Dr (32 lots)
Friarsgate Rd (18 lots)
Stockland Ct (5 lots)
Grosson Ct (9 lots)
Glencrest Dr (5 lots)
Blackstock Rd (48 lots)
Billsdale Ct (4 lots)
Glassfield Dr (4 lots)
Sawtimber Ct (6 lots)
Hampton Trace Rd (37 lots)
Willingham Rd (42 lots)
Laureate Rd (33 lots)
Interesting statistics:
237 lots X $1,650(avg property tax for $200k) = $391,050 Hampton Ridge tax contribution
237 lots X $350 dues = $82,950 HOA dues annual take
237 lots X 3.1(avg nuclear family 1998 cencus) = population ~735 w/~261 kids

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